Monday, December 13, 2010

'Cause baby you're a firework

I have to say something real quickly here, because if I don't I think I might just explode, and thats no good!

Here I go...

I guess I'll start with a story.

There was this girl and she had a million dreams in life. Most of her dreams included traveling and seeing the world, then there were a few about falling in love and just being happy. 
Throughout the years her dreams grew bigger and bigger until all she could think about was fulfilling those dreams.
But she thought "These are only dreams, and dreams are not meant to come true"
So she decided to hang on to society's unusual idea of normal. 
But eventually, she got bored...very bored. 
And her dreams came back to haunt her. 
Finally, after living into society's mold for a while she decided that even though it seemed right to be "normal" that it really didn't feel right. 
She stepped out of the mold and made her own mold, that changed day after day with whatever she desired. 
Of course, when she spoke of her dreams people told her that they weren't "safe", they weren't stable, they weren't fulfillable. 
But this girl REFUSED to listen. She knew what felt right. Besides, why would she want to be safe, stable, and live life with no risks?
So story goes, this girl didn't listen to those people (wether it was her friends, teachers, or even her own family) but she decided to follow her dreams and she lived life with no regrets.

There is this other girl. 
Who was afraid of what life could offer her. She was afraid because she was taught to be afraid. 
Someone would tell her, "Don't do that, thats not how things are ought to be done. Follow life my way and I will love you forever"
Of course this girl did not want to upset this person and so she followed life down a path full of mediocrity and plain boring-ness. 
Sometimes this girl would sit and wonder what life was like out of the 4 walls she was trapped in. Could it be that other people lived there life different from hers? 
She had dreams, but was too afraid to fulfill them. 
She had chances to take those dreams and run, but let them pass her by because she let society choose her path.
Now she sits ALONE, wondering what life could have been for her. She envies the girl who lived her dreams, and she wishes nothing more than to restart and live her life the other way. 
But she can't.
And honestly, 
even if she was given the chance to live again,
do you think she would choose the different path?

So, heres what I have to say...
Every day we are faced with HUNDREDS of different choices.
Wether they be about what time we wake up, if we take the expressway or back roads, or even what shoes to wear. Either way the choices we make affect us that day. 
But when an opportunity comes up and you have to the choice to take it or leave it,
well, that choice could affect the rest of your life.
Do you want to say no that opportunity?
and for the rest of you life wonder if you made the right choice?
If you say no, think about what you're missing. 
If you say yes, whats to miss? Your bedroom in your small town where society controls your every move? 

I hate to see people give up there dreams and waste them on "unliving" moments. 
You only may have this ONE chance, PLEASE don't let it pass you by.

Are YOU girl 1 or girl 2?


watch this.

Friday, December 10, 2010

When life gives you lemonade, you drink it all up!

or...... something like that... ha
Today, has been interesting....
On my way to one job, my car died, which caused me to sit in my car for a half hour, while it just kept getting colder and colder, waiting for my step-dad to come help me out. 
Well, it got fixed. Or so I thought....
So, while driving from one to job to the next, my car dies again. 
Here I am, stuck on the side of the road, freezing, and all I'm bummed about is that I didn't bring my Flip Cam along with me today....
The time I spent in the car today by myself was AWESOME! 
I played this super game called 'Guess the next make and color of the car coming up behind you'
I lost, but still, it was fun. 

Anyways, this blog doesn't have much of a point to it except that today I was late for both my jobs, my poor car is sitting in the driveway unable to run, and I got absolutely no footage of me yelling at passing cars... its a sad life I know.

But real point of this blog is that no matter what happens in your life, wether it be something tragic or something as little as stubbing your toe, you should always be positive and happy that above all else, you still have your life.
Because Life is a beautiful thing
And sometimes you see the beauty in it while sitting in a broken car on the side of the road, laughing at your own jokes, thankful to have such an awesome personality ( :D hah)
or if you see it while watching the sun set over a snowy hill.

Either way, Life is amazing, don't let it pass you by


Thursday, December 9, 2010

The power of a Band-Aid

Today, I cut my finger...
And although by looking at that picture it may not look like I cut it very deep, but trust me, this baby, was painful.
I was working (at a restaurant) and when I went to go cut a piece of bread, the knife (well, really it was my hand but I'll put the blame on the knife) slipped and was stopped by my poor little pointer finger. 
I looked down and saw a deep gash that was quickly filling with blood so I rushed over to the sink to run my finger under it. 
By this time I couldn't hold my finger away from the water for no more than 1.5 seconds before blood was dripping from my cut, so since the water was relieving and appeared to make the blood stop, I held it under there.
Eventually, my boss came over with a Band-Aid and told me to stop holding it under the water because that wouldn't stop the bleeding, but that I needed to put this Band-Aid on it to help put pressure on the cut. 
 I unwillingly withdrew my finger from the running faucet and put the Band-Aid on. 
Eventually, the bleeding stopped, and as you can see from this picture the "gash" is now nearly a cut. Fascinating how fast things can heal when you put a Band-Aid on it huh?

So, these "gashes" can refer back to our own life. 
Maybe someone's hurt you, and you have this "gash" on your heart. But for some reason you refuse to let this person out of your life. The person who causes you so much pain is like the running water, they're not going to stop the bleeding, but you sure as heck believe that they can. 
So, if we find ourselves doing this we have to step back and look at the situation. Say to yourself, "Even though I may love this person and I want this person to be in my life, they don't want the same. Its a hard fact, but one that I will have to, and can, live with."
So once you've taken your gash away from the running water and you're bleeding from the wound freely, is when you need to become your own Band-Aid. The choice is yours, either be drowned in the sadness and hurt of this person and always be bleeding, or stop it now and heal your own heart. 
Don't get me wrong, even if you choose to bandage yourself up, there might still be some bleeding that can seep through and ruin even the most perfect of days, but thats when you apply more pressure and get over it. 

Be your own Band-Aid, you'll be amazed at the healing powers.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Blog EVER!

Today, December 8th, (even though I only have 12 minutes left of this day as of right now), is my very first blog EVER!!

Exciting right?

I've been wanting to start a blog for quite some time but never have gotten around to it, so now here I am blogging away.
Oh I just feel so professional right now. Well, as professional as you can get while wearing your PJ's and sitting on your bed writing on a computer screen.... But you catch my drift right?

There's not much I wanted to say, what do you say anyways on a blog? Anything I guess.

I hope you all will follow me along on this amazing journey I call Life. It should be fun, it should be interesting, lets hope its AWESOME!!

In the meantime, since this blog is ending quite faster than I anticipated, I will now direct you to my other forms of social networking, for your viewing pleasure.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel where you find all sorts of goodies, mostly about make-up, but who doesn't love makeup?? ha.
And please follow me on Twitter!! its sooo much fun!!

So I guess this is where I'll leave.
It feels like I'm leaving a new friend that I've only met for 8 minutes...but don't worry, I'll be back soon!!