Friday, December 10, 2010

When life gives you lemonade, you drink it all up!

or...... something like that... ha
Today, has been interesting....
On my way to one job, my car died, which caused me to sit in my car for a half hour, while it just kept getting colder and colder, waiting for my step-dad to come help me out. 
Well, it got fixed. Or so I thought....
So, while driving from one to job to the next, my car dies again. 
Here I am, stuck on the side of the road, freezing, and all I'm bummed about is that I didn't bring my Flip Cam along with me today....
The time I spent in the car today by myself was AWESOME! 
I played this super game called 'Guess the next make and color of the car coming up behind you'
I lost, but still, it was fun. 

Anyways, this blog doesn't have much of a point to it except that today I was late for both my jobs, my poor car is sitting in the driveway unable to run, and I got absolutely no footage of me yelling at passing cars... its a sad life I know.

But real point of this blog is that no matter what happens in your life, wether it be something tragic or something as little as stubbing your toe, you should always be positive and happy that above all else, you still have your life.
Because Life is a beautiful thing
And sometimes you see the beauty in it while sitting in a broken car on the side of the road, laughing at your own jokes, thankful to have such an awesome personality ( :D hah)
or if you see it while watching the sun set over a snowy hill.

Either way, Life is amazing, don't let it pass you by


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  1. Awesome message Brittnie. Your blog is coming along nicely. I started mine a while ago too. It's fun writing huh? Well keep up the good work. Check mine out if you get a chance.