Thursday, December 9, 2010

The power of a Band-Aid

Today, I cut my finger...
And although by looking at that picture it may not look like I cut it very deep, but trust me, this baby, was painful.
I was working (at a restaurant) and when I went to go cut a piece of bread, the knife (well, really it was my hand but I'll put the blame on the knife) slipped and was stopped by my poor little pointer finger. 
I looked down and saw a deep gash that was quickly filling with blood so I rushed over to the sink to run my finger under it. 
By this time I couldn't hold my finger away from the water for no more than 1.5 seconds before blood was dripping from my cut, so since the water was relieving and appeared to make the blood stop, I held it under there.
Eventually, my boss came over with a Band-Aid and told me to stop holding it under the water because that wouldn't stop the bleeding, but that I needed to put this Band-Aid on it to help put pressure on the cut. 
 I unwillingly withdrew my finger from the running faucet and put the Band-Aid on. 
Eventually, the bleeding stopped, and as you can see from this picture the "gash" is now nearly a cut. Fascinating how fast things can heal when you put a Band-Aid on it huh?

So, these "gashes" can refer back to our own life. 
Maybe someone's hurt you, and you have this "gash" on your heart. But for some reason you refuse to let this person out of your life. The person who causes you so much pain is like the running water, they're not going to stop the bleeding, but you sure as heck believe that they can. 
So, if we find ourselves doing this we have to step back and look at the situation. Say to yourself, "Even though I may love this person and I want this person to be in my life, they don't want the same. Its a hard fact, but one that I will have to, and can, live with."
So once you've taken your gash away from the running water and you're bleeding from the wound freely, is when you need to become your own Band-Aid. The choice is yours, either be drowned in the sadness and hurt of this person and always be bleeding, or stop it now and heal your own heart. 
Don't get me wrong, even if you choose to bandage yourself up, there might still be some bleeding that can seep through and ruin even the most perfect of days, but thats when you apply more pressure and get over it. 

Be your own Band-Aid, you'll be amazed at the healing powers.


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  1. Very nice, Brittnie. These are really fun and uplifting updates... Keep writing! :)